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The Rhythm Tramps

“Our band… The Tramps are tough on drummers… we try and do explore the other side… the underbelly of the dance at times… we joke about wanting to find the ‘forbidden rhythms’ and it’s really hard to find those cats that can hang with the knucklehead, low rent fun stuff and immediately turn around and go uptown! Herman Matthews can and does do that! All the while with a smile on his face and he’s talking to you while he’s doing it… eggin’ you on! Encouraging the whole dang deal… messing with the dance while owning the time… the tempo… he’s there with the band whether you’re talking it down, playing it… living it. Whether it’s over lunch, dinner… B-B-Q, collard greens or Tex Mex… he’s there. He’s downhome with it all. We love this guy!”

Terry Wilson
Songwriter / Producer / Bassist / Founder of The Rhythm Tramps