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Promark Drumsticks

“I’ve known Herman for a long, long, time. Once, a few years ago, he was in town to play a concert at the Verizon Theater.  I was there for sound check.  The FOH guy asked Herman to ‘play something’.  Herman began playing a very basic medium tempo rock beat….1 and 3 on the kick, 2 and 4 on the snare, straight 8s on the hat.  I turned the person I was with and said, “You know,   I can play that…but I sure can’t make it FEEL like that!”.  And that’s what sets Herman apart from so many other musicians. He makes it FEEL good!”

Pat Brown, Director of Sales and Marketing
Pro-Mark Corporation, Voted Number One Sticks and Accessories in 5 categories in Modern Drummer Magazine’s Consumer Poll