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“HOME AT LAST” is a heartfelt, autobiographical, piece of art.
You can tell that Herman put his soul and everything else into this CD.

Jeff Weber – Producer, Instructor of Record Productions at UCLA

Herman's new CD
"Home at last" is in the moment, sincere, gentle and way in the pocket.
To release "timeless" music is not an easy task.
Herman did not set out to do this, he just did it.
Seedy (Charley Drayton)

You are one funky drummer! It’s always a pleasure to hear you play. Thanks for the music, and all the best ~
Peter Erskine (Drum Legend) www.petererskine.com

I've known Herman for a long, long, time. Once, a few years ago, he was in town to play a concert at the Verizon Theater.  I was there for sound check.  The FOH guy asked Herman to "play something".  Herman began playing a very basic medium tempo rock beat....1 and 3 on the kick, 2 and 4 on the snare, straight 8s on the hat.  I turned the person I was with and said, "You know,   I can play that...but I sure can't make it FEEL like that!".  And that's what sets Herman apart from so many other musicians. He makes it FEEL good!
Pat Brown                                           
   Director of Sales and Marketing
   Pro-Mark Corporation

   Voted Number One Sticks and Accessories
   in 5 categories in Modern Drummer
   Magazine's Consumer Poll 

"I cannot tell you all how much i love playing with Herman. He is a deep groove and a deep man. It was a joy to work on this new project with him and i hope for many opportunities in the musical future. Herman, you are the man!!!!"

Leland Sklar (Bass Legend)

"What can I say?!  Amazing feel.  Terrific human being.  Creative and fun to work with.  Herman's as good as it gets."
Kenny Loggins www.kennyloggins.com

"Herman's the guy for everybody, he’s versatile, he can adjust to any style. And he acts so much not like a drummer, that’s a good thing.  I've been working with Herman since '94 both on stage and in the studio. He is to me, without a doubt, the most consistent and versatile drummer in our business today. But the thing that takes it over the top for me are his human gifts. In all these years, I've never seen him in a bad mood or with a negative attitude. Anyone who's played music long enough knows how rare that is. He's a class act and I admire him deeply."
Richard Marx www.richardmarx.com

"I can honestly say that Herman Matthews has the best grooves; the best vibe and the thing that singers most want from drummers...great ears! Herman is one the of those rare drummers who makes playing with anyone else very very hard! Matthews has this amazing ability to be the powerhouse and yet the most sensitive player on the stage"
Judith Owen www.judithowen.com

"From some of the most desirable big gigs to some of the smallest "cool" gigs one could ever do. Herman can do them all. He does them because of his love of music. He is a real musician who is never afraid of any musical challenge. He writes for magazines to help us with what he knows, he is one who always has time for everyone at trade shows and events, whether he is shaking hands or kissing babies. He's always working on ways to give back to our industry. As one of the greatest, baddest, grooving funky drummers the world has ever known, he's also one of the kindest persons I've ever met. Whenever I've needed help with projects, whatever they may be, he's always there. First in line to do what he can. For all he continues to do and be for all of us, I'm proud to call him my friend.  PS-Don't forget to place your orders for Lil’ Herman's Peanut Brittle."
John Good, DW Drums

Herman Matthews fully understands the role of the drummer.  He never distracts or demands your attention.  Everything is in its proper place, the music swings, the songs sound right, the singer sounds better and when you happen to look Herman's way, you feel good about life." 
Bobby Columby (Producer / Drummer and Music executive)

“My band is the best that it can be when Herman’s sitting behind the drums”
Everette Harp www.everetteharp.com

“When Herman returned to the Loggins band, he called and said he was now driving the bus, in other words taking control. When I found how smooth the ride was, I had no objections.”
"Rock" Deadrick (Drummer / Percussionist)

"When I hired Herman to play with Tower of Power, he told me he wanted to be the drummer to put the "HUMP" back into the Tower of Power rhythm section, and he did just that. He has a great groove, he's tasty, and has an excellent sense of tempo and feel. He's also very well rounded. He's comfortable playing intricate, crafty funk patterns, as well as commercial grooves, and then he can turn right around and play with an alternative band and burn the house down. He's a cool hang on the bus and makes the best peanut brittle you ever tasted. I loved every minute he was with the band!!!!!"
Emilio Castillo (Leader / Founder of Tower Of Power) www.bumpcity.com

“Our band....The Tramps are tough on drummers........we try and do explore the other side...the underbelly of the dance at times.....we joke about wanting to find the "forbidden rhythms" and it's really hard to find those cats that can hang with the knucklehead, low rent fun stuff and immediately turn around and go uptown! Herman Matthews can and does do that! All the while with a smile on his face and he's talking to you while he's doing it..........eggin' you on! Encouraging the whole dang deal.....messing with the dance while owning the time....the tempo......he's there with the band whether you're talking it down, playing it......living it. Whether it's over lunch, dinner...
B-B-Q, collard greens or Tex Mex....he's there. He's downhome with it all.....We love this guy!”
Terry Wilson (Songwriter / Producer / Bassists / Founder of The Rhythm Tramps)  www.teresajames.com

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